What’s New at 531?

If you have not been to Studio 531 Fitness for a while, you need to stop by and see it for your own eyes.  Quentin has been busy over the last year making Studio 531 bigger and better than before.

There is expanded floor space that makes room for everyone to go through a workout without feeling cramped.  There is new equipment, used to keep the workouts interesting and fresh.  As always, Quentin keeps the workouts changing to keep people interested, yet tailored to each persons strengths and needs.

What has NOT changed?

Studio 531 is still a community of fun, easy-going people who are all working towards their own unique fitness goals.  It it is a warm, receptive, and non-intimidating environment that facilitates and enhances the fitness learning environment.

Studio 531 changes peoples’ lives by helping them adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle so they look and feel their best.

This is the place to come and stay excited and motivated with others who are happy to make you part of the community!

If you have been gone for a while, we would love to see you back.  If you have never stopped in, come check us out and see what we have to offer.  The first session is always free.  What do you have to lose?

“Fit” is not a destination… It is a way of life.


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2016 New Me


What is it?

  • New Me 2016 will begin on January 11, 2016.  It is a 12-week program for us to help YOU reach your New Year’s goals!

Who should participate?

  • We hope EVERYONE in the Studio 531 Community will participate!
  • Teams will consist of 4 participants.  You can choose, or ask Quentin for assistance.
  • Non-members can participate for a fee of $120 for the duration of the program, so invite a friend!  Just be sure you are including that person as one of your 4 on your team.   Non-members are only invited to the “challenge” portions of the program, which can be done during YOUR regular work out sessions.
  • Each participant (including the non-members) has the option to contribute $10 at the start of the program to help with prizes.  This is NOT required to participate, but does assure your ability to win prizes!

Why 12 weeks?

  • Each participant will be asked to identify 3 changes they want to make towards their health.   Studio 531 is happy to help anyone with goal determination!
  • Weights & measurements will be collected during the first week.  Why?  Watching your numbers during the program is another means of monitoring accountability!
  • Research has shown that it takes approximately 30 days to change a habit.
  • The New Me Program will give participants a foundation to have developed 3 new habits towards a healthier 2016!

What will the program look like?

  • You will continue your current workout program.
  • Each week, a list of challenges will be posted for TEAM COMPLETION.  The team decides who will do what, and how to break it up.  The only requirement is that the entire task list is completed within the week… no exceptions.
  • There will be items on the list that can be completed at home!
  • Studio 531 will be made available beyond the current schedule to give more opportunities for time (additional hours will be on the big calendar at 531).
  • A “Bonus Challenge” will be available each week as well.

How do you win prizes?

  • Weekly task completion by the team earns EACH team member 1 point.
  • “Bonus Challenge” completion earns the individual 1 point, which is also counted for the team.

What about weight or inches lost?

  • Participants can choose to have weight/measurements done at the start of the program.
  • Weights/measures will be repeated weekly, if requested.
  • Any week where 2 lbs or 3 inches are lost results in 1 point earned.  No additional points for that week are given due to losses over 2 lbs or 3 inches.

Who wins?

  • Bottom line, everyone wins.  And your teammates will help you with accountability and momentum while working on changes!
  • Points earned will be tallied ongoing.
  • There will be a prize for the team accumulating the most points.
  • Participants who elected to contribute $10 at the start will earn a raffle ticket for each point earned by the team AND individually and will be eligible for the drawings at the end of the program (Prizes to be announced).
  • If a team member drops out of the program, their individually earned points will be distributed among the remaining team members.  The team can elect to continue as is, or recruit another to the team (member or non-member).


  • Contact Studio 531 via phone, email, or Facebook Message
  • Ask while at the gym.
  • If you want support in developing your goals, or start to struggle along the way, let us know!
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Welcome Back!

If you haven’t been in to Studio 531 Fitness in awhile, we’ve been busy this fall.  The space has been expanded!  Quentin has opened up the floor space, moved equipment, installed some new equipment, and made more room for getting our work done!

Studio 531 Fitness

What else?  Well, Quentin has adjusted the weekly schedule a bit.  This was done to assure there is time for everyone!  In addition, there are now Strength Training sessions at 6:00 AM or 3:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, led by Quentin. We continue to offer a variety of 2 and 3 day per week functional/circuit training classes at a variety of times.  And in order to have more one on one time to offer, we have added a new trainer!  Kim Boal is newly certified, has joined our team.  You can read more about her under the “Meet the Trainers” link.

As we are approaching the holiday season, we have adopted 2 local families for Christmas as we did last year.  The Giving Tree is in the entrance space at the Studio.  Please come by to participate!

The Giving Tree | Studio 531 Fitness

In early January we will be launching our “New Me” challenge for the new year.  This is a great way to start fresh, or refine your current fitness strategy.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Summer Youth Program | Sneak Peek!

Now that school is out, what are your kids doing this summer?? Consider sending them to our Summer Youth Program! Our program will combine cardio with fun, functional activities that will challenge your child, while keeping safety at the forefront.

Our Summer Youth Program is open to children ages 7 to 13 and begins on Tuesday June 16th. It will run every Tuesday and Thursday through August 6th. Contact 531 today!

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531 Swag and Snacks

531 Fitness Beanie | Studio 531 Fitness

What was that?  You’re cold?  And you want to look awesome in some 531 swag?  You’re in luck!  We just marked down the last of the 531 beanies to $15!  We still have lots of other great merchandise in stock, and more on the way, as well!  Stop in and check it out.

Oh, and in case you’ve missed it, we also now carry Steve’s Paleo Goods!  If you haven’t tried any of these yet, you’re missing out.  Not only are they amazing, but they are good for you, too.  No preservatives or garbage ingredients, AND Steve’s always gives back.  They are great for kids’ lunches, too.

Studio 531 Fitness  |  Meadville PA

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